hello world

hello sunshine< by the crafting chicks >

I logged on today to find that it was nearly a year ago that I started this blog. When I started it, I made a grand gesture with just one post (which, looking back, I still think is a pretty cute one). After that, I logged off and lived my life, and that life was not one that I really I wanted to blog about.

Now it’s 12 months later, and I’m in a different city with a different life entirely. I still have my wonderful friends from that time, but I’m excited about becoming more me, and less reactive. Change is something that I always embrace, and these particular changes mean I get to live in a city that I’d often hoped to move to, with a man who makes me feel more loved and appreciated than ever before.

The timing was perfect for my move, and I’ve been grateful I took the chance ever since.

sydney skyline<  by me >

Today is a post that is nothing, and everything, all at once. sable&lace is meant to be my hello to the world; a place to get things off my brain and into the universe, and to say “hey, that’s cool” about the many things that I get distracted by. And maybe other people will enjoy hanging out here to talk about everything and nothing with me. So if you do happen to stumble across my tiny speck of star dust here on the interwebs, make sure you say hello back.

Sending you all infinite smiles for your Wednesday!


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