Wow, May is here, and that means the first quarter of the year has already passed! It sounds so clichéd to talk about how fast time is moving. Normally I feel quite aware of how I’m spending my time, but every now and then it sneaks up on me. Which really is the universe telling me to slow down and reflect; to find joy in what has been working, and really look at what is proving to be a challenge.

So with the advent of this new month, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of what I’m thankful for, in the hopes that you are thankful for them as well, or encouraged to try something new.

My short and sweet grateful list:

◊  my funny, clever, handsome man…  ◊  …who makes me cheese toast whenever I want it  ◊  good, strong coffees  ◊  trying new dishes out for our dinner  ◊  being able to share my passion for dance with others    playing with handlettering and typography  ◊  dates with my girlfriends  ◊  new pink lipsticks  ◊  having deep and meaningful conversations about life  ◊  new books  ◊  being able to see the moon all year round from our apartment    taking the time to learn about things that interest me    shiny temporary tattoos  ◊  having friends over for nights of too much food and so much laughter   music. always.    reorganising our bedroom, so it feels fresh and open    sunsets  ◊  unsubscribing from overwhelming emails and blogs (so much breathing space)  ◊  watching fun movies  ◊  planning our Thailand trip  ◊  dreaming and planning the future  

I would love to hear what you are grateful for! Let me know below what is lighting you up at the moment. Remember, joy is potent and catching..


< Danielle LaPorte >

Sending love, dear ones.


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