april showers

April always marks the start of cold weather for me in Australia. It’s the time of year that actually starts to feel like autumn. Sunshiney days, chilly nights and mornings, rainy weekends. I think it’s such a beautiful month. We are travelling to Canberra for the Easter long weekend, and Canberra always has the most amazing autumn leaves.

As always for the start of the month, I had a blast looking for beautiful pieces that represent the coming weeks the best. I hope you love this month’s collection as much as I do!

april collage

one. the element associated with April and Aries is fire (The Elements: fire cross stitch by The Art of Cross Stitch)
two. April’s birthstone is the beautiful diamond (Princess diamond ring by MinimalVS)
three. The daisy is the official flower of April (Daisy headpiece by MSaHeadbands)
four. An essential oil blend designed for those born under Aries (Aries essential oil by Moon Goddess Magick)
five. April is the middle of spring for the northern hemisphere, and this is one of those old superstitions beautifully lettered (April Showers by The Wheat Field)

Have a happy and light April lovelies!


marching on..

Hello lovelies! 2015 is flying on by, and the fact that we’re already into March is pretty amazing. This year has already been filled with so many blessings and challenges. I am trying to open myself up to new opportunities, and focus on building a more heart-centred life – so I am very excited to see what the coming months bring!

Below is a little round up of some gift ideas for your loved ones for March. I hope you enjoy them!

March collage

one. March is named after the Roman god of war, Mars (Mars printed galaxy dress by Shadowplaynyc)
two. The birthstone for March is the beautiful Aquamarine stone (Aquamarine bracelet from earthwatersol)
three. Pisces is the main zodiac sign for March (Pisces constellation temporary tattoo by TTTattoodotcom)
four. The daffodil is March’s birth flower (Abstract daffodil case from ellebeetree)

And because March is the month of St Patrick’s Day celebrations, it seems only fitting to end this post with an Irish blessing to carry you through. Be well!

Irish blessing

< if you know the original source, please let me know! I would love to give credit where credit is due >

joyful january

Happy 2015! I can’t believe that another year has passed with me swearing faithfully to post more regularly, and then just not. It seems to be an annual thing for me.

December is always tough for me – Christmas is a fairly stressful event. Trying to balance two families (three now really, with I’s Mum as well) and making sure that never the twain shall meet really takes a toll on me – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This year I only ended up with a cold from self-inflicted stress, which is better than previous years.

As a result of that, I always seem to really enjoy January. It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere, which equals beautiful blue sunshine days or temperamental thunderstorms. I am happy with either. This year I have been working on Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life workbook for 2015 – I didn’t realise how many things I have been working on letting go of, and how many adventures I am looking forward to in the new year. If you’re looking for a guide to setting your goals for the new year, check her out (no affiliation, I just think she’s rad)!

As it’s a new month, I thought I would do another monthly round up. I hope you like them, and find something perfect for you or a special person in your life!

Joyful January

one. January’s flower, carnation (Pink carnation photo from Ingrid Beddoes).
two. Garnet, the beautiful gemstone of January (garnet necklace from CoraliBondi)
three. Saturn is the planet associated with January (Saturn & it’s moons poster from The Geekerie)
four. The main sun sign for January is Capricorn (Capricorn coffee spoon from Milk and Honey Luxuries)
five. A notepad to start the year off right (Start Somewhere notepad from June Letters Studio)

Enjoy what’s left of your holidays, wherever you are! xo

october love

Wow, how did it get to be October already?? I blinked and missed September, in the best way possible: I was having bucket loads of fun, and I’m glad I took the time to just be and enjoy.

But a new month inspired me to get back online, and share some of the goodies I’ve been stockpiling. I thought it would be fun to do an October inspired round up of gift ideas for your loved ones, including yourself! Let me know which of these you love, or if they inspired you to search for something new you might never have considered before…

October 2014

one. The stone for October, tourmaline (watermelon tourmaline bracelet from Two Feathers NY)
two. The main sun sign of the month, Libra (Libra jersey scarf from blackbirdtees)
three. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus (Roman mythology art prints from meganlee)
four. Sapphire, Libra’s stone (sterling silver and sapphire cuff links from BreigeKing)
five. October’s flower is calendula (calendula infused body oil from TheScentedTree)

I am so excited to be doing Gala Darling‘s #lovetober Instagram challenge this month as well! I have never done a photo challenge before; they’ve never really inspired me to go out and take photos outside of my comfort zone. But this one I loved as soon as I started reading the prompts, and I can’t wait to share the photos I have in mind for each one. If you want to see what I post, you can follow me here, and make sure to share your photos with me as well!

Sending you peace and happiness for the weekend! X