Wow, May is here, and that means the first quarter of the year has already passed! It sounds so clichéd to talk about how fast time is moving. Normally I feel quite aware of how I’m spending my time, but every now and then it sneaks up on me. Which really is the universe telling me to slow down and reflect; to find joy in what has been working, and really look at what is proving to be a challenge.

So with the advent of this new month, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of what I’m thankful for, in the hopes that you are thankful for them as well, or encouraged to try something new.

My short and sweet grateful list:

◊  my funny, clever, handsome man…  ◊  …who makes me cheese toast whenever I want it  ◊  good, strong coffees  ◊  trying new dishes out for our dinner  ◊  being able to share my passion for dance with others    playing with handlettering and typography  ◊  dates with my girlfriends  ◊  new pink lipsticks  ◊  having deep and meaningful conversations about life  ◊  new books  ◊  being able to see the moon all year round from our apartment    taking the time to learn about things that interest me    shiny temporary tattoos  ◊  having friends over for nights of too much food and so much laughter   music. always.    reorganising our bedroom, so it feels fresh and open    sunsets  ◊  unsubscribing from overwhelming emails and blogs (so much breathing space)  ◊  watching fun movies  ◊  planning our Thailand trip  ◊  dreaming and planning the future  

I would love to hear what you are grateful for! Let me know below what is lighting you up at the moment. Remember, joy is potent and catching..


< Danielle LaPorte >

Sending love, dear ones.


ups and downs

These last few weeks have been a bit manic. A new job, planning a big party from a state away, having parties of our own, and going out for many birthday dinners, all whilst trying to maintain a normal life. Sometimes, that’s a bit too much to fit in. The Sydney sky seems to be matching my thought processes, by going from warm to cold, dry to tipping down rain, calm to unsettled.

Sydney sky change

All of that craziness was topped off with a phone call at midnight, that was essentially just a call to get me to agree with somebody else’s plan of action. And although I didn’t agree with it, and gave my own opinion several times, the phone call just wouldn’t end till I finally said, “Sure; do that then”.

Sometimes, at midnight, the easiest path is the best option, even when I don’t agree with it. And coffee is sometimes the only thing that gets me by the next day…

coffee yum

BUT. This weekend will soon be here and gone. There will be no more planning of parties where I get my hands tied by others going on power trips, and there will definitely be no more managing of differing personalities and opinions. I have moved to a different city, so it’s time that I removed myself fully from that situation. They can’t keep relying on me to fix their issues, and I cannot keep allowing myself to be dragged down by it.

Monday coming brings a new month, a new season, and (because I have decided it’s so), a new outlook on life. Helloooo springtime!

Hopefully the tone around here will be lighter the next time I write. Thanks for listening to me vent. Sometimes, you just need to get it out of your brain, and into the universe. Sending you all bright thoughts for the weekend! xx

rip robin williams

robin williams quote

< image by me >

Today, the world learned that it lost yet another one of it’s bright sparks to suicide. Robin Williams’ passing is a testament to how insidious depression is, and how the stigma attached to mental illness can bring so much pain to people and their loved ones.

If you have depression, please reach out. Tell somebody. Don’t suffer alone. The people who love you will always love you, and the help is there.

Here’s hoping that Robin Williams’ spirit finds peace. You’re free now, Genie…

genie you're free

hello world

hello sunshine< by the crafting chicks >

I logged on today to find that it was nearly a year ago that I started this blog. When I started it, I made a grand gesture with just one post (which, looking back, I still think is a pretty cute one). After that, I logged off and lived my life, and that life was not one that I really I wanted to blog about.

Now it’s 12 months later, and I’m in a different city with a different life entirely. I still have my wonderful friends from that time, but I’m excited about becoming more me, and less reactive. Change is something that I always embrace, and these particular changes mean I get to live in a city that I’d often hoped to move to, with a man who makes me feel more loved and appreciated than ever before.

The timing was perfect for my move, and I’ve been grateful I took the chance ever since.

sydney skyline<  by me >

Today is a post that is nothing, and everything, all at once. sable&lace is meant to be my hello to the world; a place to get things off my brain and into the universe, and to say “hey, that’s cool” about the many things that I get distracted by. And maybe other people will enjoy hanging out here to talk about everything and nothing with me. So if you do happen to stumble across my tiny speck of star dust here on the interwebs, make sure you say hello back.

Sending you all infinite smiles for your Wednesday!