joyful january

Happy 2015! I can’t believe that another year has passed with me swearing faithfully to post more regularly, and then just not. It seems to be an annual thing for me.

December is always tough for me – Christmas is a fairly stressful event. Trying to balance two families (three now really, with I’s Mum as well) and making sure that never the twain shall meet really takes a toll on me – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This year I only ended up with a cold from self-inflicted stress, which is better than previous years.

As a result of that, I always seem to really enjoy January. It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere, which equals beautiful blue sunshine days or temperamental thunderstorms. I am happy with either. This year I have been working on Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life workbook for 2015 – I didn’t realise how many things I have been working on letting go of, and how many adventures I am looking forward to in the new year. If you’re looking for a guide to setting your goals for the new year, check her out (no affiliation, I just think she’s rad)!

As it’s a new month, I thought I would do another monthly round up. I hope you like them, and find something perfect for you or a special person in your life!

Joyful January

one. January’s flower, carnation (Pink carnation photo from Ingrid Beddoes).
two. Garnet, the beautiful gemstone of January (garnet necklace from CoraliBondi)
three. Saturn is the planet associated with January (Saturn & it’s moons poster from The Geekerie)
four. The main sun sign for January is Capricorn (Capricorn coffee spoon from Milk and Honey Luxuries)
five. A notepad to start the year off right (Start Somewhere notepad from June Letters Studio)

Enjoy what’s left of your holidays, wherever you are! xo


the rolling stones

RS 6

The Rolling Stones are legends in the world of music, and one of my favourite bands of all time. They are in Australia at the moment for their 14 on Fire tour, and (through sheer luck only) Ian and I were able to go see them last night in Sydney.

They. Were. Amazing.

Cue self-indulgent-cell-phone-long-distance photo grid…

insta grid rolling stones

We loved the whole concert (which really, was more like a big jam session) and their set list was brilliant. I danced my booty off all night. The crowd was pretty subdued for a rock concert, but the diversity of people was very cool to see. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, take the opportunity.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Every penny.

saturday singalong

Happy weekend world! It is an amazing day here in Sydney, and I have spent most of today so far soaking up the sunshine. Summer is on it’s way!

After experiencing the amazingness that is Hot Dub Time Machine last night (if it ever comes to you, you must go!), I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite songs with you all as the year moves on. I have so much music, and once you add in the boyfriend’s collection as well, we probably cover every genre available. I get excited by new stuff, and then stumble across old favourites that I put back on repeat for a while.

Today’s song seems to pop up pretty often when I play everything on shuffle, and I’ve been singing along to it all morning. I hope you like it too! Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

october love

Wow, how did it get to be October already?? I blinked and missed September, in the best way possible: I was having bucket loads of fun, and I’m glad I took the time to just be and enjoy.

But a new month inspired me to get back online, and share some of the goodies I’ve been stockpiling. I thought it would be fun to do an October inspired round up of gift ideas for your loved ones, including yourself! Let me know which of these you love, or if they inspired you to search for something new you might never have considered before…

October 2014

one. The stone for October, tourmaline (watermelon tourmaline bracelet from Two Feathers NY)
two. The main sun sign of the month, Libra (Libra jersey scarf from blackbirdtees)
three. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus (Roman mythology art prints from meganlee)
four. Sapphire, Libra’s stone (sterling silver and sapphire cuff links from BreigeKing)
five. October’s flower is calendula (calendula infused body oil from TheScentedTree)

I am so excited to be doing Gala Darling‘s #lovetober Instagram challenge this month as well! I have never done a photo challenge before; they’ve never really inspired me to go out and take photos outside of my comfort zone. But this one I loved as soon as I started reading the prompts, and I can’t wait to share the photos I have in mind for each one. If you want to see what I post, you can follow me here, and make sure to share your photos with me as well!

Sending you peace and happiness for the weekend! X

ups and downs

These last few weeks have been a bit manic. A new job, planning a big party from a state away, having parties of our own, and going out for many birthday dinners, all whilst trying to maintain a normal life. Sometimes, that’s a bit too much to fit in. The Sydney sky seems to be matching my thought processes, by going from warm to cold, dry to tipping down rain, calm to unsettled.

Sydney sky change

All of that craziness was topped off with a phone call at midnight, that was essentially just a call to get me to agree with somebody else’s plan of action. And although I didn’t agree with it, and gave my own opinion several times, the phone call just wouldn’t end till I finally said, “Sure; do that then”.

Sometimes, at midnight, the easiest path is the best option, even when I don’t agree with it. And coffee is sometimes the only thing that gets me by the next day…

coffee yum

BUT. This weekend will soon be here and gone. There will be no more planning of parties where I get my hands tied by others going on power trips, and there will definitely be no more managing of differing personalities and opinions. I have moved to a different city, so it’s time that I removed myself fully from that situation. They can’t keep relying on me to fix their issues, and I cannot keep allowing myself to be dragged down by it.

Monday coming brings a new month, a new season, and (because I have decided it’s so), a new outlook on life. Helloooo springtime!

Hopefully the tone around here will be lighter the next time I write. Thanks for listening to me vent. Sometimes, you just need to get it out of your brain, and into the universe. Sending you all bright thoughts for the weekend! xx

workwear roundup

In honour of my new job (starting Monday!), my boy bought me a watch I had been eying off for a very. long. time. I’ve worn it every day since then, and only take it off to shower, sleep, or dance. It’s true love.

So as I was thinking about what I would need to start the new job next week, I found myself adding work wear to the shopping carts of various online fashion stores (yes, I am one of those people). I thought it would be fun to create a little round up so you could see what I would buy, if only I had unlimited funds.

Inspired by my beautiful watch, I was drawn to very classic lines and traditional “corporate wear”. Nearly everything is black, and would create a perfect capsule wardrobe, with a couple of pretty pieces thrown in as well. Let me know which piece you would love to add to your basics at home!

Work wear roundup

the watch. Classic St Andrews Lady from Daniel Wellington
one. Member of the Board heel from Modcloth
two. Blue sweater vest from PigPigCowDesigns
three. Winter Rainbow Polka Dot Day Dress from Sessun
four. Women’s professional pants from Light in the Box
five. Linen tailored blazer from ASOS
six. Leather messenger bag from LeftoverStudio
seven. Women’s high waist chiffon skirt from Richcoco

six punch recipes to try

Getting a little excited here on sable&lace, because this weekend we’re throwing a house warming party at our new apartment! Traditionally, housewarmings are meant to be held ten days after you move into your new home. The idea behind them was for friends and family to supply the new residence with firewood; to quite literally, warm the house.

Given that we’ve lived here for over a month now, and also have no fireplace, I’m really just looking forward to a relaxing afternoon with friends (and mayyybe hoping for some pot plants instead)!

I’m planning on having some simple and yummy finger foods out, but I thought it would be fun to make a punch for everybody to share as well. Here is a small round up of delicious-sounding recipes that I found as I was on the hunt for the perfect punch for our party. I hope one inspires you to create and share with your friends!

one. Pink lemonade sparkling fruit punch (non-alcoholic) from Our Reflection

Pink lemonade punch

two. Pineapple mint punch from Real Simple

Pineapple & mint punch

three. Midori melon ball punch from Hostess with the Mostess

Midori melon ball punch

four. Lemon drop champagne punch from Martha Stewart

Lemon drop champagne punch

five. Governer’s mansion summer peach tea punch from The Cottage Mama

Governer's mansion tea punch

six. Cider rum punch from Verses from my Kitchen

Cider punch

Happy punch making!