building a home

Creating a home that is comfortable and welcoming has been on my mind a lot lately. Since we moved into our new place a month ago, I’ve been constantly playing with furniture placement and organisation of all of our cupboards. We’ve both realised that we don’t actually own very much beyond the basics, and so parts of our (much larger!) apartment feel a little bare.

One little corner that we spend a lot of time in is where we keep our coffee cart. We have an espresso machine which we decided to set up on a cart to give ourselves some more bench space. It’s a bit of an awkward corner, as the power cord has to go over the raised bench, but we like that one of us can make coffee whilst the other makes breakfast without crashing into each other.

Coffee cart 1

It’s super cute, and always gets a lot of comments from visitors, because it’s one of the first things you see when you walk into our apartment. I love that it’s white, and on wheels. That makes it so easy to move around if we need to clean up any spilled coffee grounds or water.

As you can see, we have a few pieces of art on the walls above the coffee. I like to think it’s the start of a gallery wall, which is just perfect to look at when you’re making the coffees! However, there is a really big space that is just crying out for something to be added (excuse the glare!)..

Coffee cart 2

The two pieces already up are a typography piece from Carla Hackett, and a beautiful print of Trublu by Deborah Broughton.

There seems to be a theme of black, white, and blue running through these two pieces, so I want to add something complementary to the wall. Below are four pieces I’m considering:

art gallery ideas

one. The stairs at the end of the world by LifeDevelopedPhoto
two. 1896 Nov / Dec constellation star chart from the antiqueprintstore
three. Winter abstract 6 by AbstractArtM
four. The secret of the night forest by tubidu

Let me know what you think! Do you have a gallery wall in your home?