marching on..

Hello lovelies! 2015 is flying on by, and the fact that we’re already into March is pretty amazing. This year has already been filled with so many blessings and challenges. I am trying to open myself up to new opportunities, and focus on building a more heart-centred life – so I am very excited to see what the coming months bring!

Below is a little round up of some gift ideas for your loved ones for March. I hope you enjoy them!

March collage

one. March is named after the Roman god of war, Mars (Mars printed galaxy dress by Shadowplaynyc)
two. The birthstone for March is the beautiful Aquamarine stone (Aquamarine bracelet from earthwatersol)
three. Pisces is the main zodiac sign for March (Pisces constellation temporary tattoo by TTTattoodotcom)
four. The daffodil is March’s birth flower (Abstract daffodil case from ellebeetree)

And because March is the month of St Patrick’s Day celebrations, it seems only fitting to end this post with an Irish blessing to carry you through. Be well!

Irish blessing

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