april showers

April always marks the start of cold weather for me in Australia. It’s the time of year that actually¬†starts to feel like autumn. Sunshiney days, chilly nights and mornings, rainy weekends. I think it’s such a beautiful month. We are travelling to Canberra for the Easter long weekend, and Canberra always has the most amazing autumn leaves.

As always for the start of the month, I had a blast looking for beautiful pieces that represent the coming weeks the best. I hope you love this month’s collection as much as I do!

april collage

one. the element associated with April and Aries is fire (The Elements: fire cross stitch by The Art of Cross Stitch)
two. April’s birthstone is the beautiful diamond (Princess diamond ring by MinimalVS)
three. The daisy is the official flower of April (Daisy headpiece by MSaHeadbands)
four. An essential oil blend designed for those born under Aries (Aries essential oil by Moon Goddess Magick)
five. April is the middle of spring for the northern hemisphere, and this is one of those old superstitions beautifully lettered (April Showers by The Wheat Field)

Have a happy and light April lovelies!